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Christmas Photos

January 13, 2021

This past holiday season, we had a visit from Santa Claus himself! He rode in on his little sleigh (and didn’t seem to mind wearing his beard at all!) Then, he traded his red suit for a cute Mickey Mouse outfit. It must have been his first time wearing his Mickey shoes on a hard floor because he had a wonderful time tapping his shoes while sitting in the velvet chair that was just his size. This was another session that was fun for all!

Birthdays and Puppies

October 28, 2020

Sweet Seventeen “C” wanted to commemorate her special birthday with changes of clothes, both inside and out. I don’t know who had more fun. Here are a couple of amazing photos from this shoot. It’s always nice to do something different. “Jordyn” and “Eddie” New puppies playing can be so much fun too.

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