Are you looking for headshots or business portraits for your company? Weld Photography can help you with that. Jan Weld, the photographer, works hard to capture your natural expressions and bring forward your personality, so whether you’re striving to look confident and approachable or fun and energetic, you can count on her 30 years of expertise to make that dream come to life.

For a successful session, we recommend a pre-session consultation so we know exactly what you’re trying to achieve, and can help make recommendations along the way. Communication ensures a more successful headshot. Contact us today to learn more if you’re in the Arlington Heights, Palatine, Prospect Heights, or Rolling Meadows, IL area, and check out our other photography services, which include scenic photography, family portraits, photo restoration, and more.

Not sure what you should wear? Here are some tips from Jan!


  • Only the top half is photographed!
  • A nice jacket, shirt, sweater, vest, or uniform can be worn.
  • Avoid busy or loud prints, stripes, and plaids, these will distract from your expression.
  • Pinstripes and mild prints are usually fine.
  • Decide if you should wear a tie.
    • Ties can have color and some pattern as long as it’s not too distracting. If you’re not sure, bring an extra just to be safe!

Since an image or print is two-dimensional, some items may be more prominent than others.


  • Photos are usually taken from the chest or higher. (So avoid long necklaces)
  • A nice suit jacket, dress, blouse, vest, sweater, or uniform photograph best.
  • Earth colors work great! Shades of blue, brown, black, or green.
  • Avoid loud colors, definite prints, stripes, or plaids.
  • Try to avoid jewelry that is too big or bold.
    • While it doesn’t always look bad, it can distract from the focus of the photo – you!

Caution: Bare arms often do not photograph well. Makeup: Wear a little more than usual but avoid the clown look.

For your studio headshot session, you can choose to bring one or two outfits and be photographed on a blue, brown, gray, white, or deep green background. Charges for a session include one high-resolution, digital JPEG is $100.

Weld Photography offers flexible hours, where we start booking at 9:00 AM and our last session is booked to start at 8:00 PM, any day of the week – including weekends! We apologize for the inconvenience, but appointments are required! We want to make sure that all of our clients are safe and distraction-free during their meetings and photography sessions! If other appointment times are desired, Jan may be able to accommodate, so just ask!

On-Location Business Portraits, Headshots, and Events

Capturing a corporate atmosphere at a special event can bolster any company’s image and build rapport with clients and employees. Schedule Weld Photography to photography your next company event. We can help build a friendlier, more professional reputation for your company through stunning, professional photographs. Whether you’re looking to photograph your facility, take staff portraits, or have your employee’s photographed candidly, we can help!

Are you interested in booking a corporate event? Call us today, or fill out the form, and we can call you! Every on-site event is unique, so a quote will need to be prepared to fit your needs. Here’s what we need to know:

  • Will you need a professional background for staff portraits?
    • If yes, how many individuals will be in one picture?
  • How many staff members will have their business portraits taken?
  • How many employees will be photographed candidly?
  • Will any executive members need a portrait with an “office background” or professional background?
  • How long is the event?
  • Will you need prints?
    • If yes, in what size?
  • Is this an event or a day at work?