Photo Restoration



Restoration (artwork) charges start at $50. Prints and the high resolution JPEGS are additional.

When the original negative or photographer is not available, an old picture may be restored and reproduced. Cracked, torn, or marred photographs may be brought back to life through digital restoration. Weld Photography will evaluate and estimate of the cost. The original photograph will not leave the studio. It will be photographed with a high quality, digital camera to reproduce a high resolution image where all the corrections will be made.  The original photo will not be touched.  Scratches, cracks, marks and tears will be fixed.  Increasing the contrast will bring out more detail than the original has.  Returning the original color on faded pictures is extremely difficult.   All corrections may take several hours, perhaps days to complete depending on the condition of the original print.  The actual time taken to complete the artwork will determine the restoration charges. Any size print or the corrected print (not JPEG) is included in the quoted price. The corrected jpeg may be printed the same size as the original, and sometimes larger depending the original’s clarity. Reprints are available in matte, glossy, or luster finished. The corrected, digital jpeg may also be purchased including its reproduction rights to reproduce it elsewhere.  Schedule an appointment to determine whether Weld Photography can restore the original print.