Planning a celebration can be very overwhelming at times and you should be able to enjoy every minute of it. Let Weld Photography put your mind at ease and photograph family and friends, special moments, signs, decorations, toasts, and speeches. Call Weld Photography to schedule your event in Arlington Heights, Palatine, Prospect Heights, or Rolling Meadows, IL. With over 20 years of experience in photography events, Jan Weld knows what to photograph and how to capture beautiful moments so you can save them for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our other services, which include scenic photography, family and business portraits, and more !

Preparing for your Event

Charges cover photographing the event, post editing time and all rights to print or reproduce andy or all images. Sales tax will be added.

1 Hour of Coverage and High-Res JPEGS $275
2 Hours of Coverage and High-Res JPEGS $400
Each Additional Hour $100

We do birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, confirmations, family reunions, and special gatherings.

When scheduling, let Jan know if there are groups of people that she needs to photograph. Provide a list and a knowledgeable person to help identify the group at the time of the event. For event photography, we take unlimited photos, largely determined by the length of the event, the number of events, and any special moments that occur during the party. In the end, you receive all reproduction rights for all of the images provided. Post-editing and processing can take hours – sometimes even days depending on how large the event was and how many people attended. All images will then be shared on a flash drive for easy storage. Please allow up to five days after an event for us to get the photos to you!

Since every event is unique, it is best to call and discuss event plans and specific needs for an actual quote.

Bringing Life to Old Photos

When the original negative or photographer is not available, an old photograph may be restored and reproduced. Cracked, torn, or marred photographs may be brought back to life through digital restoration. Weld Photography must evaluate and provide an estimate of the cost before agreeing to restore the print. The original photograph will not leave the studio. With it, we will produce a high resolution, digital image. All corrections made on the digital version, not the original photograph. We use Photoshop and other programs to complete restorations.

When we complete restoration, we will remove scratches and tears, and we will correct the contrast of a color or black and white photo. These corrections can take several hours to complete, so the actual time taken to complete the restoration will determine the charges. Schedule an appointment to have your picture evaluated to determine whether we can repair and enhance it. The corrected digital jpeg may be printed the same size as the original, and sometimes larger. Reprints are available in matte, glossy, or luster finished. The corrected, digital jpeg may also be purchased with the reproduction rights to reproduce elsewhere.

Restoration (artwork) charges start at $50. Prints and the high-resolution JPEGS are additional.

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